Batman Tried Communicating With Me On The Back of My Head

My name is Joe and apparently I’m Batman. Or at least his sidekick, Robin. Or maybe he just wants to take me for a joyride in his whip. No, I’m not high on some crazy shit, and no I’m not going crazy. Here’s the story of how Batman communicated with me.

Check This Out:

Yes, that’s the back of my f****** head! Here’s the actual Batman logo for comparison:

Let me give you the background story now on what happened before you get any wrong ideas about me. Long story short, my friend, Deban, started cutting his own hair. He even gave me a haircut one day. Despite my head resembling a lopsided, hairy coconut after he finished, he planted the seed of desire in me that I wanted to try cutting my own hair.

Fast forward a few months, I buy the razors and finally cut my own hair. The first few times I cut, it came out amazing. By amazing, I mean that people weren’t giving me weird looks when I went shopping in the supermarket… and my friends didn’t point and laugh at my head as much as they normally do. That’s amazing in my book. So thinking that I was a pro by this point, I decided to speed up the process this time because I was in a rush to meet up with my girlfriend that day.

A S***** fade and a F***** up sideburn later, I finished the haircut and thought, well at least it’ll grow back soon, it’s not that bad.

Well, I was wrong. Apparently, my clumsy hands were inspired by the anus of Batman that day. The thing is, I didn’t realize this until I heard my amazing, *cough *cough asshole friend, Deban, snickering and snapping pictures behind my back. I assumed he was taking d*** pics and laughing at how tiny his wiener looked. But when he flipped his screen around, I fell into a state of shock and laughter.

Was I secretly Batman? But I don’t even like superheroes that much, let alone Batman. I’m more of a Superman kind of guy to be honest. So, why did Batman communicate with me?

But that didn’t matter too much, because I was stuck with this Batman symbol on my head and had to act quick. I immediately started smoothing the back of my head downward, to push the hair down to cover the symbol. I was able to cover it, but that didn’t change the fact of what lay beneath my brown, wavy locks.

Why did this symbol appear on the back of my head, why do I find it funny instead of creepy af, and most importantly, why did my girlfriend not tell me when I saw her later that day?

They say that when uncanny incidents and resemblances like this occur, it relates to the unconscious forces in our minds. For example, when you picture a friend in your mind, and that same person texts you the next second, that event is related in someway to your thoughts.

I don’t know for certain why Batman decided to manifest on my head, but it made me think of other events in my life. Like how this weird incident just provided me with the topic for the first article to put on this blog. I’m thinking now of what future events will be related to this blog post… as long as it doesn’t manifest on my head again.

What “coincidental” events like this have happened in your life? It’s a great mind exercise to think of this stuff. Share with this article with your friends if you’ve experienced a weird occurrence like this together!

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